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Motocross track ridden only. Warning Improperly installed and/or adjusted forks can cause serious harm or death and may severely damage your bicycle. It won&39;t be long until SKF has a solution for the air side I&39;m sure. The setup of a conventional damping system has always been a compromise between sufficient comfort and bottoming reserves, whereas the Cone Valve technology now permits a combination of both factors, resulting in outstanding damping behavior in all driving situations. The NEW Hybrid fork kit for the WP 48AER and Showa 49mm TAC forks: Convert your WP AER48 or Showa TAC forks to a single sided spring kit with air assist.

Shop Here | Everything to rebuild your WP AER A complete and detailed breakdown on the WP AER Air Fork. The XPLOR forks come from WP as a trail-friendly package for slower-speed, dual-sport terrain. Hey I&39;m curious what you suspension guys are running for oil level in the outer camber in your AER48 forks? With the fork sitting over time we are getting pressure building up in the outer chamber.

I have searched and found out that 385ml is standard (420ml max) for the outer chamber and 185ml is standard for the inner, is that correct? ) The Xplor fork comes as a single-side function fork, meaning all of the damping is in one side. It retains the same Cone Valve technology, which is simply a shimless mid-valve. What is a KTM WP Fork? Watch and learn how to properly set up, bleed and adjust your 48mm WP AER forks with factory KTM technician Dave O&39;Connor. models in and are on most KTM full sized dirt bikes. Then, we raise or lower the air.

Technical Description. We use a zip-tie on the fork leg to see how much travel we are getting. What is WP air fork? In other words, you no longer have to change the oil height (and air volume, as a result) to generate better bottoming resistance. Twin-Chamber Fork Rebuild (with links to Gold Valve Instructions) Twin-chamber forks have been used on many motocross bikes since 1995.

This is a dual-purpose tool for the Showa SFF Air TAC Fork. The XACT PRO fork is the successor to WP’s well-regarded Cone Valve fork. There is only one air valve. The WP XACT PRO 7448 air fork combines two of WP’s greatest technologies: The Cone Valve damping system and the AER spring system. This is the first I have heard of WP having a spring conversion. Over time WP began to eliminate the function of hydro stop before removing it all together. Given that KTM has introduced two new WP forks for – the 48mm ‘AER’ air-sprung fork on its motocross (and four-stroke cross-country) models, and the 48mm ‘Xplor’ coil-sprung fork on its enduro models – we recently performed a back-to-back comparison between the two. See more results.

What is WP air bladder? · The WP AER 48 Cone Valve fork combines the incredible Cone Valve damping system with the AER air-spring system. The Cone Valve spring rate is linear, unlike shims which are progressive. Not a bad move in my opinion. Each fork can be fine-tuned to meet the special requirements of each individual customer Open Cartridge technology, well-established in racing Compression and rebound damping easily adjusted at the top of the fork legs. The fork cap on this conversion kit comes with an air valve that can be used to add just a touch of air to make the fork a little more progressive through the stroke for the faster, more aggressive riders, or even to compensate for special conditions, such as a mud race. Works Connection’s Air Fork EZ Fill simplifies air fork pressure adjustment for the KTM/Husqvarna AER 48mm forks (and wp air fork manual KTM Factory Edition).

Got a set of 48mm WP AER forks? WP Xact Pro / XPlor Pro SuperTrax Shock (new generation) - 49. It’s specifically designed with a long thread to make sure there’s minimal bleed-off when it’s being connected and disconnected. This is the damper for the most demanding track and street riders; The good ground contact makes you feel more confident, you can brake later and accelerate more quickly. The air chamber is already there in the fork’s design (which is adjustable), and air offers incredibly progressive resistance.

Removal of the hydro stop feature requires the forks to rely purely on the "air spring / oil level" for adequate bottoming control. Shorts: 1893 Short. WP open chamber fork seals and valves - TWT - WP open chamber fork seals and valves General Dirtiness It is even explained in the WP suspension manual for open chamber 48mm forks. Map or propane torch to heat-up and unlock the red Loctite used on the bottom nut of the inner cartridge, and the air piston (Air piston requires a significant amount of heat, don;t forget to remove the seal and bushings before heating). These forks require special tools and procedures. Before installing and using your new front fork, carefully read this owner’s manual to learn the correct installation and adjustment procedures of this fork.

Mounting the front fork in the motorcycle 130 Air release screw 135. Begin by removing the air valve cap on the clutch side fork leg. · Required tools other than a vice, fork cap removal tool and normal size sockets (19mm) and box wrenches.

MAGURA by Maloja. I raced 3 very different tracks and practiced 3 other times on them and I feel that while they&39;re not a cone valves plushness wise they are a very good fork and by far the best production WP fork that I&39;ve ever tried. The WP XACT PRO 7548 fork permits almost limitless damping performance due to a unique valving system. Yellow wp air fork manual Freeride Short.

They were in limited U. If your forks are underperforming or you just haven’t had them serviced in a long time, this video is for you! Talking to WP about possible causes and a fix. The rest is very similar to most modern forks. I&39;d be just as much into it as buying a new 17&39; 125. KTM WP SUSPENSION MANUALS: KTM WP 4CS Rebuild Manual; KTM WP Cone Valve Service Manual; WP Shock Absorber 690 Supermoto -50SXWP ForkService Repair Manual. One leg contains the damping, while the other leg houses the pneumatic air chamber. The KTM models that run this WP AER fork all come with a quality WP pump in their parts kit.

Previously near impossible to buy, Teknik has been appointed the SHOWA distributor for genuine parts with orders every 2 weeks and a full range of product available including A kit and WP to Showa conversion kits for WP Xplor forks. WP 4CS FORK CAP TOOL. The bladder is used to pressurize the oil in the inner chamber so air cannot mix with the oil. They are found in both Upside-Down and Right-Side Up versions. Their shop is only about 40 minutes wp air fork manual from my house. Pus the oil contained within the WP air fork’s outer chamber is purely for lubrication.

KTM WP AER 48 Air Fork Setup and adjustment is fast and simple. You simply need to ensure the front wheel is off the ground before you check or adjust the fork’s air pressure. It allows you to remove the fork cap AND by flipping it over, the Compression Base on the bottom of the fork. · WP AER: KTM’s air forks were a success because they watch Showa and Kayaba flounder nd id the opposite. X-line Clamp Kit wp air fork manual for one-piece clamp/fork bridges, black.

I wanted them to stay air because I didn&39;t want it to maybe hurt the resale of my bike. Note - Some WP forks have nitrogen bladders instead of pistons and pressure springs. TFCW PS38048 - Add to cart. This pin spanner is a dual-purpose tool for the WP 4CS Fork.

WP TRAX shock (previous generation black and red) - 99. If I went with an older Husky 125, and bought a set of the the WP CV forks. · Are they inserts, or dod you buy the a whole new set of forks?

SHOWA TAC and KYB Dual-Chamber FORK CAP TOOL. · The new version is for WP’s new AER forks. THE CONSUMERS’ MUTINY AGAINST AIR FORKS WAS BASED ON THE SIMPLICITY, EASE OF USE AND. Pro Components to fit most KTM and Husqvarna models are IN STOCK. For riders that prefer a more traditional spring system over air forks, Pro Circuit is now offering a simple spring hybrid conversion cartridge kit that can be easily dropped into your WP AER 48 Air Fork*.

But in our opinion, the design of the forks leaves massive room for improvement. WP Suspension & KTM) protect you from. I use Factory Connection for all my suspension stuff now days. Below are a few of the shortcomings, as we see them: 1. Showa Genuine Parts sourced from the manufacturer is your guarantee of quality.

If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with wp it. The fork is an important part of your bicycle. WP Xact Pro / XPlor Pro Fork (new generation) - 99. WP Cone Valve Fork (previous generation black fork) - 99. Changing fork oil on a xc - - i was wondering how to change the fork oil on my 20 xc what the steps are and if you need any The KTM/WP cartridge. The early WP 4CS forks featured an innovative hydro stop that provided positive bottoming control and feel. KTM/Husqvarna WP Bladder Fork Rebuild!

I only got a owners manual when I bought it used and there is no info on how to service it or oil levels and such. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. We discuss the good, the bad and how we are improving this fork. WP 4CS (Four Chamber) forks have been used in KTM European models since. · Don’t be afraid to go down on the air pressure just because the manual says to run 156 psi. These forks require a special procedure on fork reassembly. What is pro circuit air fork? The best thing about spring forks is the low speed pick up and the only good thing about air forks is the bottoming resistance.

WORKSHOP MANUAL FRONT FORK KTM SXS. The cup-in-cone valve is actuated via a coil spring, providing the variable orifice function shims normally handle. WP uses an air bladder instead of a pressure spring like those on Showa or KYB forks to help control damping. Manual says 200cc Racetech says 240cc Bike is a 20 sxf. Also on the damping side the manual calls. Has someone got a workshop/service manual for WP cone valve fork MX?

Wp air fork manual

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